Sunday, November 15, 2009

Living Dead Lights

The Living Dead Lights are a new band born on the Sunset strip ready revive the soul of the 80's in the new century. The shoot took place in a insanely dirty area of Downtown Los Angeles, which however brought the essence of rock'n'roll - down and dirty and straight to the point. Good times.

Winds Of Plague

Couple of photos from my shoot with the Riverside symphonic hardcore heroes Winds Of Plague we shot back in may. We went to a Korean memorial in San Pedro , California -fantastic location right on the cliffs over the ocean and the weather was great too.

I am back...!

Ok ... have been really bad about updating news. I have had various reasons for it, tough it changes starting now. I am just hating the thought that I would have to post so much stuff at once after months of slacking. In my next post I would try to write an update on all the rock'n'roll photography I have done in the last couple months, some personal tests and probably compile most of the publications I have been in too. Thanks for following.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lexus ISF

I had the great opportunity to work with Story Worldwide on editorial piece for Lexus magazine. We went to the desert to see how exhilarating the new Lexus ISF( the one you see on all the tv ads right now)... I must tell you- It kicks ass!!! Right when one goes beyond 2000 rpm, a specifically designed exhaust produces a noise of a jet engine... Insane... Had great time shooting the beast and also playing with it... It is exhilarating, Trust me!!!

Suicide Silence

Shot the promo imagery for the new Suicide Silence release called "No Time To Bleed". Great guys, fiercely devoted to their music and awesome to get along with. You will be seeing more of them... their popularity grows by the day and soon they will be the new big thing on the extreme metal horizon..

Monday, April 13, 2009

Duff McKagan's Loaded photo-shoot..

I just finished the work for the new album by Duff McKagan's new band Loaded... Great guys, fantastic music , perfect attitude, what else can I say.... Mr. McKagan himself - the perfect celebrity any photographer can ask for... I guess the time when Appetite For Destruction was recorded hasn't been forgotten and he is still the genuine dude that cares for the music before all... He busted out an old Buck Owens American and sang for most of the shoot, something that makes me happy as hell... Good luck guys..!!! here are some photos... for more -