Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The New Affect

The New Affect are electro-soul!
A band that I got to work that made me re-think my whole approach when working with musicians and taught me a lot about appreciating peoples love to their art.
The newest addition to American Voodoo Records has a record coming in 2010.
Check the out here: http://www.myspace.com/thenewaffect


Over the last Christmas I took a trip to Europe. After a quick day stop in Paris (great city even in the winter) and a complete nightmare of a six hour flight delay I was on my way home. The following two weeks were probably the highest point of the year. I got to re-discover my home town in a way I barely knew before.
Plovdiv is the oldest city in Europe and in the top 10 in the whole world (google it !) The history of 7000 years exudes from every rock or brick all over the city. There is literally something written on every stone one picks up, in languages that have been dead for ages.
People can see how one era built on top of the former and there are buildings with foundations from the times of Spatacus and roofs from the turn of the century.
I spent long time discovering the same place I lived for 20 years and never saw it in such a way. Which only confirmed my mesmerism of the saddest human ability to appreciate something only when they lose it or go away from it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Johnny G for SOBeFit magazine

The fine folks from SOBeFit magazine hired me late last year to shoot a portrait of the fitness legend Johnny G with his new workout monster - the Krankcycle.
We shot on a great day at the beach in Montecito, CA - early morning, mist, waves, great vibes...
Johnny worked the sitting into a breeze and had a lot of great stories to share...
SOBeFit is on the newsstands now..!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

More Death Valley

Death Valley

Death Valley has been in my mind since my early teens.
Back in the day I was fascinated with all American West novels and was huge fan of every single indian chief, gunfighter, scout and other heroic character and Death Valley was the place where it all happened.
So, at the first opportunity to visit I went for it.
Did not see any ancient indian battlegrounds , but ... wow... was this place magnificent.
I am sure every person has these moments when they can sense and feel being somewhere special and being there was on of mine. I had completely forgotten what was it like to see stars.
Many stars. The most I have seen in my life actually!

Below is my portfolio from the quick trip:

I am back...!

So, I know I have been missing for a while and it's just about time to fill in on some history before I disappear again.
In the next couple entries I will try to summarize the last month of the last year and the first of the new one.
Hope you enjoy it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Living Dead Lights

The Living Dead Lights are a new band born on the Sunset strip ready revive the soul of the 80's in the new century. The shoot took place in a insanely dirty area of Downtown Los Angeles, which however brought the essence of rock'n'roll - down and dirty and straight to the point. Good times.